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I wrote this small program for development of SQL statements for use with delphi and the zeos Mysql database objects (or just with mysql) FEATURES:
  • persistant sessions (close the program and your query doesn't dissapear)
  • persistant iterations (open 1 and it will save the settings, open 2 and it will save the 2nd window seperate etc)
  • parameter decoding and scanning (use parameters you would use with any delphi sql object (:paramname) and they will be replaced as needed
  • macro decoding and scanning (same thing but with %macroname and no variable type detection or quotes
  • automatically set all column lengths to 64 so you can see all columns
  • moveable columns
  • EDITABLE TABLES. Any valid read-write query CAN BE EDITED ON THE SPOT. Save time not having to do tonnes of insert/update queries to manually fix/alter data
  • Auto limit feature (adds 'limit' clause to select statements if you don't want it to return huge results
  • Execute queries with ';' key (don't have to take hands off keyboard)

    1.1 New Features!
  • mysql command history
  • execute mysql script files (beta, don't trust it to load mysqldump files or files with extremely long query lines)
  • threaded query cancel
  • connection history
  • save password option and semi-encrypted passwords (not cleartext anyways)

    1.2 Bugfixes
  • command history works now instead of just showing recent commands

  • small change that allows the program to work in wine for linux

  • BUG: script execution only reliable up to 5MB!!!
  • tested and fixed script execution
  • passwords in connection history are encrypted (against prying eyes anyways) encryption is NOT STRONG so don't blame me if you put in your super-secret password and someone downloads the source and figures how to crack it
  • added script execution test program (maketestscript)
  • added extra encryption options to pad/entrophy the encrypted password so that like passwords wouldn't be noticeable
  • added debug control checkbox (right click to clear the ignored debug list)
  • made the script progress dialog actually pop up and show updates and status

  • tested script execution up to 20mb
  • created sourceforge account to manage project
  • added escape characters and quoting to script execution
  • option pops up whether or not to connect after a dirty exit
  • fixed execution of queries that don't return results (everything but select,desc,show etc) which were executing tx

    TO DO:
  • CODE COMPLETION!!! (this one's a biggie, might take me a while)
  • any suggestions?

    download: If anyone is interested in developing this tool, Contact me here and I will see about getting you cvs access or setting up a sourceforge cvs site

    If you have problems with access violations odds are there is something wrong with your copy of libmysql.dll